TRS (Trumpton Riot Squad)

12072008169TRS aka The Trumpton Riot Squad, yes it’s a random name and that’s because the clan member who came up with it is as random as they come….Monster. We all started from more humble beginnings than a large LAN party like the Multiplay iSeries, our journey started in the year of 1997. We didn’t all know each other back then and not everybody started that year, however that was the year that our beloved Total Havoc LAN started. This was a once a month LAN held in the function room of a pub in Leicester called the Shakespeare and was one of the very first advertised LAN’s in the UK.

Over the years each of us brought new people along to the event and things have just gone on from there and never stopped. We’ve lost some along the way to Thailand, America and other walks of life but there is still a core group of us who remain close friends and stay in touch with those who’ve left us; except Ralph because nobody knows where he is. The unofficial “leader” of the group is Bigjoe, nobody is quite sure why but I believe it is simply because he wants to get things done and get them done properly. He is always pushing for us to do new things or go in new directions and it was he who was instrumental in bringing us to the iSeries. Everyone in our group is different and our ages range from 18 to their 60’s, they also come from all over the UK and one member travels from Amsterdam every event.

Our first iSeries was i23, by the time this had come round we were more into drink than games and it’s a tradition we carry on to this day. We enjoyed our experience of a large LAN, decided to come back and as i25 came around we found ourselves sat near a bunch of reprobates known as the MeerKats (MK). Many pints were had in the Fuller’s bar at Newbury, videos were shot, pictures were taken and a friendship was born.

Things have come a long way from those days, due to the size of the group it was decided between ourselves and MK that we needed a single name to unify us to aid in things like seating arrangements. I would like to say a lot of thought went into the name, but that would be lying. We sat around, had a few pints and decided that since we had become a big group of people BIGCLAN seemed appropriate. TRS was no more, but what we have gained is life long friends, new people along the way and hopefully many more to come.

We are not and never will be a proper “gaming” clan, since the days of Total Havoc we have been a sociable bunch who like to drink and have a laugh. This is the core philosophy of TRS and has been carried over to BIGCLAN, long may it continue.

© - Paul Buttle