MK (Meerkats)

Team [MK]

Meerkats went through a number of different names prior to finally becoming MK. It began life under the guise of GeekLand and was a number of friends from Virgin Holidays that enjoyed the same things, whether they be LAN Gaming (RTCW and ET), Role-Playing games, Card Based games or just chatting about all things nerdy over a curry or two. As things progressed the group splintered a little and Meerkats (MK) was born, this was the group who enjoyed spending their time playing online games. We would regularly meet up online and have a few games – A forum was set up and also a small website. A few smaller LAN parties were held at places such as Glaxo Smith Kline, Fisher Clinical Services, Virgin Holidays and a small village hall in Colgate, West Sussex. They all had a few teething problems but soon became good fun and a ‘fairly’ regular occurence.

Skillet, who had attended several Insomnia events suggested it to the group and after a lot of persuassion convinced the rest of us to attend, for why did we need to attend an outside LAN when we were quite happily running out own… Well we listened to him and we attended – that was i25.

i25 was the beginning of something for us – our first event and we ran into the TRS boys. Typical style we began chatting and soon became good friends, we played them at Battlefield 2 (and won may we add) and then proceeded to the rest of the time in the bar where beers flow and laughter continued.

Back in those days the seat planner was all looked after by Boffbowsh at Multiplay, he had the (unenviable) task of putting everyone into seats organised by ‘Clan Tag’, so if you and your buddies wanted to be sat together you would all have to have the same ‘tag’, we used {MK} as ours, meaning MeerKats – named because of our seemingly involuntary movement to get up and scan the various LAN’s when anything sounded interesting. Looking not unlike the Meerkats on the TV.

Our insomnia contingent was a lot smaller than our local LANs and only really consisted of 5 people – Skillet (Simon), SnowBall (Paul), Bombjack (James), RikDangerous (Richard) and Loz (Laurence). However, this didn’t stop us from having a laugh as we all got along and knew each others humour.

As more and more LANs passed, we met more and more groups of people with whom we got on and shared a laugh and a joke with. DVDF were met during one particularly shitty weather LAN when we put our 12 man tent up on the forum for anyone to have as long as they take it down. Ouch! was the first person who replied on the forums and thanked us for the new tent by supplying a crate of beers, which we hastily polished off. One LAN we sat opposite a bunch of lads who were competing in the Call of Duty 4 tournament, named the F.I.F.T.H, we soon introduced ourselves and got them involved with the group. We were growing, a lot and each LAN became a ‘lets see if we can find the other group’ mission.

Paul suggested that we just all change our clantag within Multiplays system to the same, no matter which group we were in. An email went out that just asked people to change their Clan tag to BigClan, as that was precicely what we would be. Low and behold next LAN we all were sat with each other and we were soon known throughout Newbury by the bar staff, Multiplay staff and also a lot of the other clans.

We slowly tamed the drinking and became more ‘sociable’. BigClan was formed and was a rouring success. Due to this, we kept the tag and group even when the seat planner changed so that you could sourt your own seats out.

MK was no more, but we haven’t looked back and are now pleased to be a part of such an awesome and friendly group.

© - Paul Buttle