All in a Days Work… Chop chop!


“No chance”, was my initial reaction…  “I love retro consoles, I love retro games, but that just doesn’t look fun!”…

Oh how wrong could I have been, I was pushed and pressured from all angles into installing this tiny little 270kb file onto my PC/MAC.  Minecraft has proven to be a bit of a mute point within the clan, you either love it or you hate it!  Well I’m one of those that loves it…

But what is the point of the game, what is the endgame as it were.  There isn’t one and that my friends is the beauty of it, Minecraft is a social game where you can idly chat the evening away while you chop away at a few pixelated blocks.  Considering what those blocks actually look like, its astonishing to say that it is actually possible to make some semblance of a beautiful landscape.  Some people have been known to recreate famous movie sets – including Helms Deep from Lord of the Rings and Hogwarts from the Harry Potter Series.  These guys are mental.

Still, I really do need to go back and finish the base I was chopping away at, need to catch back up to the people around me and get Quarry’s on the go.  If you would like to join in with the server, then check out!

© - Paul Buttle