It's all about the Social!!

Or so our little 'motto' / 'mission statement' states and it's pretty much spot on. BigClan started from very humble beginnings, 2 fairly small groups wanting to be sat next to each other at a Multiplay Insomnia LAN Festival (i25 to be precise).
Back then, seating was done manually by Multiplay and the only real way of ensuring you were sat together is if your 'clan tag' was the same. Hence the idea came of everyone putting BigClan down in the box, the name stuck and as we like socialising and chatting it has also become quite apt, with roughly 60 members at time of writing and getting larger every LAN, we look forward to having you with us.

Blog and Stuff

Have a read on some of the storys and articles which the community has posted. There will be a mix of random articles including, reviews, builds, news and general chit chat. If you have an idea for an article, then please feel free to submit is (along with a picture that can be used as a feature image) to article@bigclan.co.uk
Its finally happened, we knew we could not escape it forever.. BigClan was officially challenged by Henners to do...
It cannot be denied that the concept of computer gaming has changed beyond all recognition over the years. Through...
So, after many requests for clothing – we’ve finally got round to mocking up the colours that we will...
“No chance”, was my initial reaction…  “I love retro consoles, I love retro games, but that just doesn’t look...
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